Expect relaxation of subsidy scheme in affordable housing in Budget 2018: HDFC

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Even as a thrust is being given to the affordable housing segment, a Moody's-ICRA report has flagged concerns about the growing delinquencies in this segment, which are expected to continue in 2018.

In an interview with CNBC-TV18, Keki Mistry, VC & CEO of HDFC shared his views and outlook on the same.

The numbers does look concerning. I am not sure how accurate these numbers are but if they are accurate then certainly it is a cause for concern because housing loan non-performing loans (NPLs) should under no circumstances be more than 70-75 basis points (bps), he said.

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On lending standards, he said, I don』t see any compromise on quality with respect to larger players.

Keki Mistry
Keki Mistry
Vice-chairman & CEO|HDFC

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Self-employed can be two categories. One can be professional self-employed which could be lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, engineers and the other could be self-employed as in small shopkeepers or something of that sort, he added.

According to him, the former category is not too much of a concern because the professionals at the end of the day will have the ability to service the loans, it is the second category where there could be some concern.

Sharing his Budget wish-list on the affordable housing segment, he mentioned that there are two ways the government supports housing, one on the supply side and the other on the demand side. If some relaxation in the subsidy scheme is made, it will go a long way benefitting more and more issues.

Government needs to further relax the subsidy scheme especially on the criteria of owner of any property, said Mistry.

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