Taxi, auto drivers no longer need commercial licences on the road

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It is not required for drivers of taxis, autos, e-rickshaws and two-wheelers employed by companies for food deliveries, product deliveries etc. to hold a commercial licence. Their private driving licence is now enough for all legal intents and purposes, reported Indian Express.

Previously, it was required by all transport vehicles to have a commercial licence after the drivers got their private licences. The waiting period for a commercial licence was more than a year, which caused loss of employment opportunities for many.

The road transport ministry issued an advisory to state governments regarding this policy, clarifying that a commercial driving licence is still compulsory for trucks, buses and other heavy commercial vehicles.

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This new rule also intends to put an end to corruption in obtaining transport licences. The officials of the road ministry have suggested that states must also put an end to the practice of issuing badges for commercial vehicle drivers.

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There are concerns that this move will increase traffic on roads because it will make the process of getting taxis and autos much easier. This will also, however, reduce drivers』 dependence on private vehicles. A report says one taxi can replace at least six private cars, while one auto can replace more than a dozen cars.


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